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A True Story by Greg Lane, Foreword by John Shook

Read how lean management improvements alone really dramatically grow and improve a job shop's profitability? Read the true story of someone armed with only his lean management background and no experience in the particular industry, that purchased an already profitable manufacturing business, grew it and then profitably sold it. The author who was trained in lean ideologies by Toyota purchased a CNC machining and assembly company even though he had never worked or operated a similar type of machine or business in his life. Learn his transformation methodology for 'Job Shop Lean' through this interesting tale of what ideas worked and those that failed, learn the steps to buying a small business and laugh at how he overcame some of the hurdles.

Find out how lean management methods helped to develop and grow the company into new markets and expand the production capabilities. Get to know the employees and their fear of change and what was done to overcome cultural change. Understand how not only the shop floor required continuous improvements, but see where and how the front office was also transformed. You will see that all of these ideas do not only apply in large industries but also work in job shop environments where products are made to order.

You will be compelled to read on as the author must first learn every operation before he can gain the respect to lead change. Major learning points are highlighted throughout the book while details of the methodologies are captured in the appendix and summarized as Job Shop Lean methods. You are sure to find this a great read and come away with more ideas and a methodology to try in your own environment. Learning in a non-fictional format is sure to inspire while also containing the realities of the failures and the respective lessons that were learned.
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Table of Contents Preface  
Prologue:The Purchase  
Chapter 1: The Beginning Observing & Documenting
Chapter 2: Standardizing the Estimating Process
Chapter 3: Learning the Office Processes
Chapter 4: The First Days Alone
Chapter 5: Creating & Selling Capacity
Chapter 6: Getting Everyone Motivated for Improving the Machines Output
Chapter 7: Seeing the Administrative Processes from a New Angle
Chapter 8: Moving the Business
Chapter 9: Accurate Pricing Through Better Cost Allocations
Chapter 10: Upfront Delays
Chapter 11: Making Lots of Money During the Good Times
Chapter 12: Expanding Into New Products
Chapter 13: Business for Sale
Chapter 14: Reflections
About the Author  

Appendices (examples of implemented improvements) Praise for Mr. Lean Buys & Transforms a Mfg. Co:

“It's a fun read. If you've ever considered how you would go about transforming your own manufacturing enterprise or if you own such an enterprise that needs transformation this book will definitely provide thought-provoking ideas and some guiding principles along with specific hints for dealing with challenges that your company faces today.”

- John Shook | Former Toyota Manager & CEO of Lean Enterprise Institute, November 2009
“This intriguing story proves beyond a doubt that lean principals go a long way towards profitability for all of us. Assuming you subscribe to management being synonymous with improvement, you are sure to come away from this book with a clear plan for trialing a few new improvements”

- Xavier Pujol | Plant and Site Manager Continental Corporation

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