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We tailor our support with Top Leadership, Middle Management & Operation’s teams, taking the Situational approach
  • Entire Lean Transformations that include understanding: the situation (i.e. structured assessment), the market, the culture, and when moving into a pilot phase we create a learning environment all levels of the organization
  • At all phases we consider how to develop the right behaviors to sustain the gains, we've become such experts we have demand for public workshops: http://www.lean.org/Workshops/WorkshopDescription.cfm?WorkshopId=115
  • We also consider and include in our transformations the influence of departments such as: sales, design engineering, process engineering, purchasing, supply chain, IT, planning, after sales, etc.
  • We perform all of this by: Coaching on Gemba walks, Hear-See-Do re-enforcement, Workshops, Training, Leadership Awareness, Certification

Additionally we offer the following Specialized Services for High Mix & Low Volume Service & Industrial Clients

Lead time Reduction & Improvements across the Entire Value Chain

Often most critical is the Strategic Support we offer

  • Strategy Deployment: We focus on developing the Annual plan (annual matrix) through catch-ball, which allows buy-in & support from all levels.
  • Cultural Transformation Plan – practical methodology for identifying and aligning strategic deployment with behaviors necessary to reach your objectives

No Matter Where You Are on Your Improvement Journey having External Eyes Assess & Propose Next Year’s Road Map is of Exceptional Value
(references for these as well as all support services are provided upon request)

Assessment & Specific Roadmap (click)»
Assessment & Specific Roadmap:This is usually the first step even for those companies that have begun a lean transformation. It consists of three basic parts and is normally completed for manufacturing & the major support/administrative areas: a gap assessment for all applicable lean elements, a value stream or process map for a typical product, a cultural assessment (how prepared is management for lean). This leads to your plan and how lean consulting would best be utilized. This usually takes 3-5 days depending on the size of the company.
Deliverable: A company specific roadmap (flow chart) outlining and prioritizing the most important events required to reduce waste

Transformation Re-alignment (click)»
Transformation Re-alignment: After many years of working with organizations that are well into their continuous improvement journey, but are not reaching the success they had hoped for, we have done some groundbreaking work & learned some of the reasons for the slow pace and have had success in identifying the causes and re-aligning these enterprises. Many of the reasons can be traced to leadership's style in coaching employees as well as understanding some of the basics an organization needs in place to have the right psychology within the work force. We can help to identify where these gaps are and how they can be closed. Further we can identify where specific management & shop floor tools specific for high variation companies could be beneficial.

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Additional events where we’ve had successful results:

(more detail provided upon request)
  • Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri)
  • Inventory Improvements
  • Machine output improvements in low volume
  • Layout improvements
  • Administrative (Office) Flow Improvement
  • Growth Strategies
  • Supply Chain Management improvement (redesign)
Aligning Behaviors