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World Class Organizations Endorse Our Support

"Greg Lane is an experienced, Toyota Production System, lean practitioner. Greg & Low Volume Lean guys were instrumental in helping Delphi in the late 1990's win our first Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence."

Paul A. BrentGeneral Director - Global Supplier Quality and Development,Delphi Corporation
"For some time Continental Corporation’s global operations have utilized lean to continuously improve many of our manufacturing operations. The experience and support from the Low Volume Lean's team have helped in leading us to also successfully improve some of our indirect & support departments."

Francisco PujolPlant & Site ManagerContinental Corporation
"Low Volume Lane has been supporting our lean transformation at our higher volume pump plants as well as Parker's make to order operations. As an experienced lean hand myself I can attest to their in-depth knowledge and experience combined with the hands-on approach have had a significant impact on our cost reductions."

Conny SvenssonOperations Manager, Cylinder DivisionParker Hannifin, Falkoping Sweden
“Our model (prototype) shops require a “make to order” style improvement methodology, different from the ongoing “continuous improvement” methods being utilized in our production areas. The LVL team's style, experience and ability to adapt the lean principals, were found to be just what our worldwide team required.”

Christian P. LeachModel Shop Supervisor Whirlpool Corporation
"We specialize in the engineering and manufacturing of Data Communications Cables, Special Assemblies and Harnesses, therefore we make to order in the most efficient manner possible. After learning about lean in the traditional sense, the Low Volume Center along with their backgrounds and experiences were instrumental in helping us refine our lean strategy."

Paul NelsonPresidentData Cable Incorporated, Orangeville, ON Canada contact: www.datacable.ca
"As an independent engineering and testing lab, providing a wide range of dynamic, environmental, electronic testing, implementing lean from a manufacturing approach was not possible. We found the adaptations of the Toyota Production System, along with the low volume team's support, knowledge and style to be a perfect combination to identify savings and develop a sound implementation strategy."

William M. BradshawVice PresidentDayton T. Brown Engineering & Test Division, Bohemia, N.Y.
"As part of Parker-Hannifin we design and manufacture complex hydraulic systems for defense and industrial applications. We have worked not only to continuously improve our manufacturing but also our defense engineering and other administrative departments. Lean-Enterprise (LVL) have been supporting our lean implementation for approximately four years and we have found their support and experience with specialized designers & manufacturers like us, not only valuable in cost savings for the manufacturing areas but our engineering and administrative departments have also experienced substantial benefits."

Keith PughBusiness Unit ManagerParker Hannifin Ltd. - Defense Systems Business Unit, Warwick, U.K.
"During a week-long series of workshops, public speaking engagements and site visits involving over 100 companies that are working to implement lean in their high mix / low variation and job-shop environments, the feedback on Greg's unique skills, knowledge and style was overwhelmingly positive.”

Robert MileyAssistant General ManagerManufacturing & Defense Tasmania, Australia
"We provide a high variety of material handling solutions, some are standard units while others are designed and built to order. As we began embracing lean methods we found the Lean-Enterprise team and their Toyota Production System methodology fit our business and have helped us as we continually look to improve all business sectors. Their help in identifying processes for improvement and providing a sound methodology led us to real cost improvements and lead time reductions.

Daniel L. Carmody President ACCO Material Handling Solutions, York, Pennsylvania
"When Greg addresses a group of managers, it's as if he is directly in your position dealing with the same issues you face. Therefore many of the practical solutions he offered were spot-on with what we require! He has outstanding energy that is inspiring, validating and definitely not hype."

Iain Gray Office Manager APCO Engineering, Tasmania Australia