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A Sample of Results on Projects we've led:

Delphi Automotive's Rimir Plant in Matamoros, Mexico


Winner of the Shingo Award for Operational Excellence

& Industry Week's recognition at a Best Plant based on achieving & sustaining these results:

-99.7% first-pass yield
-100% on-time delivery
-Customer reject rate of 10 ppm (down from 3,000 ppm five years earlier)
-78.3% reduction in finished goods inventory (over 5 year period)
-95% reduction in lot size and an 80% decrease in OSHA reportable lost workday rate (over 5 year period)


The Exceptional Results based on our early coaching and leadership at Delphi Rimir, also resulted in:

-Toyota's North American President praising the results & leadership at Delphi Rimir

-General Motors CEO also praising Rimir's staff and the methods utilized


This table summarizes the range of results we've achieved on other projects:

Area Metrics Being Improved Achieved Results
Manufacturing On-time Delivery
Process Cycle Times (Productivity)
"Days Sales of Inventory (DSI) (=total $ inventory/avg. sales per day)"
from 65% to above 95%
Improve greater then 25%
From days to hours
From over 100 days to less than 25 days
Business Process (Administration) Reducing Process Steps (or time)
Reducing Order Placement Time
Reducing Purchase Order Processing Time
Improving Quotation's converted to Orders
Days Supply Outstanding of Accounts Payable (DSO)
30% Reduction in quantity of steps
From 5 days to 2 hours
2-3 days to 8 minutes
From 53% to 77%
Avg. of 52 days to 21 days
Service Sector Equipment Availability
Reaction Time of Service Call
Cultural Change
Cost Reduction Strategies
From 64% to 83% avail.
Avg. 3.5 days to 1.1 days